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Shadow Stories

Shadow Stories

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The shadow stories are designed to bring classic fairytales to life through the art of shadows, features intricately cut-out scenes and characters from beloved stories. When a light source is directed at the card, the cut-out images cast enchanting shadows, creating a dynamic and interactive storytelling experience. The scenes are detailed and imaginative, capturing the essence of each tale, such as the enchanting forest of Little Red Riding Hood, or the gingerbread house from Hanzel and Gretel. The wooden card, with its natural texture and rustic charm, adds an element of timeless beauty to the storytelling experience, making it a unique and captivating way to engage with these timeless tales.

The shadow stories are in Icelandic

Unique experience for childrend and parents, looking to create lasting memories.
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Toobs are the perfect companion for a sensory tray.
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Sensory play with playsilks is a fun and engaging activity that can provide many benefits for children. The smooth and soft texture of silk provides a unique sensation when touched, which can be pleasing and calming to children.
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Clicques eru einstaklega falleg og vandöð skynjunarleikföng. Clicques eru handgerðar úr hágæða agnbeykivið sem gefur þeim alveg einstakt útlit. Clicques eru í 3 pörtum sem haldast saman með seglum og er hægt að skipta þeim út eins og manni sýnist. Clicques koma í alveg plastlausum umbúðum og er hægt að nýta kassann þeirra sem dúkku hús.

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