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Sarah's silk

Silk Wings

Silk Wings

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What's more magical than having your own fairy wings?

The silk wings from Sarah's silk have been standard equipment in the costume chest for many people for over 25 years. The silk wings are comfortable and designed so that children can easily dress in and out of them.

  • Costume play gives the child a free hand, thereby increasing cognition, strengthening the body, training social development and emotions.
  • Open play with costumes allows children to express their feelings and be themselves, which increases their self-esteem and independence.
  • Dramatic Play gives the child a free hand and therefore does not restrict it. There are endless possibilities for who, where and what it can be. Play allows the props to develop with the child's needs at any given time, providing them with entertainment that lasts for years.

The silk wings are approx. 66cm in length, made from 100% pure mulberry silk and hand painted with environmentally friendly colors.

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Notable qualities

Sensory play with silks is a fun and engaging activity that can provide many benefits for children. The smooth and soft texture of silk provides a unique sensation when touched, which can be pleasing and calming to children.
Silks can also be used to provide a visual sensory experience, as they come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be used to create different shapes and designs. Children can explore the different colors and textures of silks, and learn about different color combinations and patterns.
Silks can also be used to create a movement and kinesthetic experience, by draping the silks over different surfaces, or by holding and manipulating them. This can help children develop their gross motor skills and coordination.

Pláneta mælir með

When the playsilk needs washing, use it as a perfect oppurtunity to let the little one explore the texture of the wet playsilk. We reccomend filling the bathtub with warm water and letting the little one wash it. It provides a whole new sensation along with the satisfaction of helping out with chores.

Size and detailed description

Playsilks and Enchanted playsilks are 88x88cm
The playmap is 53x53cm
Silk streamers are approx 244cm long and 2.5cm wide.
All silks are made from 100% murberry silk. 5 momme (approx 21g of silk per square meter)

Long lasting and enviroment friendly

Playsilks are made from 100% murberry silk which breaks down and returns to the earth.

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