Leiksilki, 10 uppáhalds leikaðferðirnar okkar.

How to play with playsilks - our 10 favourites

Playsilks are one of the ultimate open-ended toys. Being inspired by Waldorf philosophy, playsilks are beautiful to look at, it feels so nice to touch them, and become a beautiful decoration in any child's room or playroom.

So what can you actually do with playsilks?

First of all, introduce your child to playsilk and see what happens. The flow of children's imagination is fantastic, so simply enjoy watching where it goes. But if you need a few suggestions, here are some of our favourites:

  1. Peek-a-boo
    Old but gold peek-a-boo is a good start, especially if your baby is just a few weeks old.

  2. Water games
    Put playsilk in a tray filled with water and explore the texture. Hmm, it feels different than before, doesn't it? You can encourage your little one to say how it feels, and practise the vocabulary (dry, wet, drops…)

  3. Bath play
    Similar to the previous idea, but don't bother setting up a tray, just give them a bath and take a playsilk with you!

  4. Dress up games
    Playsilk can turn into a skirt, vell or cloak. You can dress up either yourselves or dolls and teddy bears.

  5. Outside play
    Bring the playsilk outside! Is it sunny? Use it as a small picnic blanket! Is it windy? Tie it to a stick and watch it blow in the wind.

    leiksilki - pláneta.is
  6. Gift wrapping
    Use playsilk instead of wrapping paper. It is eco-friendly, it looks gorgeous and using silk as a wrap means that the wrapping is a gift itself! The idea is based on "Furoshiki” which is a Japanese way of wrapping gifts.

    Leiksilki - pláneta.is
  7. Small world play
    Are you building a farm? Or an ocean? Or a sky? Playsilk can be ANYTHING.

    leiksilki - pláneta.is
  8. Blanket for a doll
    Sometimes the doll needs a blanket, and sometimes it needs a parachute! The good thing is, playsilk can be both!

    Leiksilki pláneta.is
  9. Playsilk soup
    Don't you just love cooking? How about a love soup? Grab some old pots, rocks, sticks, cinnamon rolls, and flowers. Make a colourful dish.

  10. Make a cave
    It's always fun to make a place to hide. Put the playsilk over a table or a Pikler and make a nest inside.

We want to thank you very much for reading, and we hope that you, have found some ideas that you would like to try. If you have more ideas that you think belong here or have funny stories or pictures, please share them with us, we want to hear your opinions.
Siggi, Jorika and Hneta
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