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Christmas is coming, new products, stalls and more!

Isn't everybody in the Christmas spirit?
Christmas is coming up and there is a lot going on for my family. We've been planning all sorts of Christmas-related sensory games for our daughter, and we're really looking forward to trying them out and sharing them with you as we get closer.

New products!
Big things happening to the planet! We just purchased products from 3 new suppliers. We're really excited to have them and introduce them to you. We don't want to reveal too much at this time, but more information will come soon. The products should arrive in the coming weeks so everyone should be looking forward to Christmas :)

Stalls and Christmas villages
We will have a stall in Jólaþorp Hafnarfjarðar on the weekend of November 18th - 20th and again on the weekend of December 2-4th. Looking forward to seeing as many people there as possible and chatting about sensory play, parenting, the most popular toys or even the weather :D We are also looking at more pop up markets to join until Christmas and I encourage you to keep an eye out on instagram/facebook so you definitely don't miss us.

We are also working on a new website, but until it is cluttered and ready we are thinking of putting Planet in a Christmas costume and dreaming a little Christmas vibe, as Christmas is only once a year.

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