Gleðilegt sumar! Nýr silkivarningur!

Happy summer! New silk goods!

Good morning my friends, and happy summer!

We would like to begin by thanking everyone who came and visited us at the Ice House and on the 17th of June. The reception was very good and we loved seeing you all and getting to talk a little bit about sensory play and more.

The sun is finally playing with us, so it's no later to throw in one blog post about some of the awesome new game silks and silk goods we just added to our online store.


The Silk Sword is a great addition to the role-playing game that gives your child an outlet and fun. The sword is a great combination of soft and firm so you can wield it properly without the risk of hurting anyone. The sword is ideal to take with you to the outdoor rental so your child can get a little outlet in nature.

The silk wings from Sarah's silk have been standard equipment in the costume chest for many people for over 25 years. The silk wings are comfortable and designed so that children can easily dress in and out of them. Kids love to run around with their wings in nature.

The wrist ribbons are great for increasing activity in play. The wrist ribbons make children want to dance, thus strengthening mobility and improving body health. The children love to run around with their wrist ribbons and see them swing pleasantly in the wind.

You can then find all the silks that a planet offers here .

We would like to wish you a happy summer again, and thank you so much for taking an interest in us. We're looking forward to a fun summer with lots of sensory experiences.
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